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How to measure for a dog harness and dog collar

We recommend measuring your dog before buying, please don’t guess! Our sizes go on actual measurements rather than a breed guide as the key to a good, comfy fit is getting the right size dog harness for your dog.

All our dog harnesses have individual size charts for each different product, so after measuring you will need to refer to the relevant size chart for the fleece harness you want.

N.B.  The Bergan car harnesses are sized by weight of your dog so you do not need to measure.

Simply follow these easy instructions:

How to measure your dog for a harness

How to measure your dog for a harness

To measure you will need a soft tape measure (not a steel one) and it is best to have your dog standing up squarely.  Make a note of measurements in cm as our sizes are in cms. The chest measurement, sometimes also known as ‘girth’ is taking the tape measure right under your dog’s body at the fullest point in a complete circle about 7cm behind your dog’s front legs, as in the diagram. The actual neck measurement is required too (don’t allow for any fingers under the collar, the actual measurement is needed -  the neck measurement is only required for being able to comfortably fit the harness over the head.

Please measure your dog carefully, as the secret to getting the perfect fit harness is ordering the correct size! You should measure both girth and neck.   If in doubt, you are welcome to send us both actual measurements and also let us know whether your dog is still growing or fully grown so that we can advise on size, between our 2 brands, your dog will undoubtedly fit into at least one of our fleece dog harnesses.  If your dog is a deep-chested breed such as a Whippett,Lurcher or Doberman please tell us, as your dog will need a deep chested size which we can make.

How to put a Fleece Dog Harness onto your dog:

Undo the clips on the new harness and if your dog has another adjustable harness, lay the fleece harness over it and adjust to the same size, as a guide. If you don’t have another harness, just put it onto your dog as it is (clips undone), over-the-head, then closing the two parachute clips, making any adjustment as necessary on either side of the girth strap.

A dog harness should fit snuggly but not restrictively, if it is too loose it can rub and cause chafing and possibly sore areas and means your dog may be able to escape out of it.  You should be able to get one finger under both side straps of the harness. Your dog should be able to do everything as normal in it. A badly fitted dog harness is the main reason dogs sometimes escape out of them, which can be dangerous if they run off, so following these tips should ensure that can’t happen.

If it is your dog’s first harness, to accustom your dog to wearing a harness, start off by going for a walk immediately after putting the harness onto your dog for the first time, then your dog will associate wearing it with a positive happy experience.  Try leaving it on for a while, after walking to make sure your dog is comfortable doing things like rolling over in it and everything else

How to measure for a dog collar, just right round in a circle and add 5cm for comfort to get correct size.

A dog collar should not be too tight, make sure you can get two fingers under the collar comfortably when fitted.

If your dog is still growing, make sure you check and adjust collar and harness regularly.