Spiffy Dog Air Dog Collar Review

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If you are looking for a soft, comfy dog collar that is hard-wearing and waterproof, look no further than the Spiffy Dog Air Dog Collar which does exactly what it says it does on the tin – no more stinky dog collar smells after swimming or a day out in the country!

Dougie’s had his Red Striped Spiffy Dog Air collar for nearly 2 years now, so we thought we’d write a review to share what we like about these waterproof dog collars.

Spiffy Dog Air Dog Collars

Spiffy Dog Air Dog Collars – waterproof,odour resistant,soft and very comfortable

Red Bones Spiffy Dog Air collar in small size worn by Titch the little Bichon Maltese dog

Red Bones Spiffy Dog Air collar in small size worn by Titch the little Bichon Maltese dog by kind permission of her Mum

Titch the Bichon Maltese dog in her Red Bones Spiffy Dog Air Collar

Titch the Bichon Maltese dog in her Red Bones Spiffy Dog Air Collar by kind permission of her Mum

“Hi Joanne

As promised the photos of Titch after her toilettage and in her new Red Bones Spiffy Dog collar are above. It proved really hard to see her collar from the front view, so I have taken a a couple of angles, just to show her off wearing it.

Yes, she really is that small! By coincidence, it is also her ‘anniversary’ today – exactly 1 year since we found her walking the streets of Montaigu-de-Quercy. She ran out of a garden pursued by an elderly gentleman, so we caught her to hand her back to him but he said that she was a stray and had been sleeping in his garden! To cut a long story short, we tracked down her owner and asked if he wanted the dog and he gave a very definite “Non”, so we took her to the vet to get her checked over and sorted out, and then the rest is obvious – we went through the proper channels to take ownership of her and have been rewarded by this super little dog ever since. She is a Bichon Maltaise by the way.

Hope you like the photos


A lovely, happy ending real account from Sue in France who is a big Spiffy Dog Collar fan – just proves even small dogs are happy in their comfy Spiffy Dog collars ! BTW what a lovely elegant word ‘toilettage’ – sounds so posh – we say ‘wash and brush up’!!

We live in the Lake District and often go out on boats and for lakeside walks with our Westie dog and when the weather is good our dog loves to swim and cool himself off in the lake. He wears a doggie life jacket and we used to take his collar off because a few hours later it would stink the room out back home and the collar wasn’t wearing well with constant dips.  We wanted to find a waterproof dog collar that he could keep on in the water with his ID tag.  We bought another dog collar, which claimed to be waterproof and all sorts of other things but it didn’t last the summer, as the stitching came undone, causing the edges to fray and although it looked nice when we bought it, it wasn’t a particularly comfortable dog collar.  A bad buy and at £17.99 it left rather a bad smell under our nose!

The video below shows the Spiffy Dog Collars

What causes dog collars to smell is that they harbour bacteria, sometimes mildew and absorb odours of whatever your dog rolls in and we all know what dogs like to roll in, invariably we are not so attracted to!  You can shower or bath your dog to get rid of smells but a dog collar needs to be breathable to be odour resistant.  We bought the Spiffy Dog Air Dog collar for this reason – it is made from breathable Aerospacer, the same stuff trainers are made from, meaning that you can even put your Spiffy Dog collar in the washing machine! I have sometimes put Dougie’s on the top rack of the dishwasher, along with his lead which he often manages to trail through mud and other things.  The Spiffy Dog collar feels soft and spongy, quite like a good quality carpet underlay, so very comfy.

Red Bones Spiffy Dog Air Collar

Red Bones Spiffy Dog Air Collar

Constantly getting a dog collar wet can also cause the D ring to rust, no danger of this though as Spiffy Dog collars have anti-rust stainless steel hardware, making them all year round best dog collars.

If you are looking to buy a puppy collar that will last, Spiffy Dog collars are one of the most adjustable on the market, making them very good value for money and if your dog suffers from skin irritations, these collars will not chafe.

Spiffy Dog collars won awards in 2008 for being one of the best new 15 dog products that year and now in 2013 are still at the top of their game – watch out for the new designs coming soon.

We offer our customers the best price at £12.70 for the Spiffy Dog Air Dog Collar and £12.99 for the matching multi-way Spiffy Dog leads