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Dog harness reviews for our Bergan car harness,best fleece harness reviews, read what real customers say and see pics of their dogs.

Matching Results: Customer Reviews

Bergan Dog Car Harness Customer Reviews

Bergan dog car harness reviews by our customers Read our full review of the Bergan harness Read our customer reviews for one of the best car harnesses for dogs, the Bergan harness which has been safety tested small Bergan dog car harness review – Harry is a tall dog and so needed the ML tether … [View Details]

Best Dog Car Seat Reviews

Reviews for Jumbo size Solvit dog car seat- used with the Bergan small car harness – it’s the ideal safe car travel set-up for small dogs Hello Joanne, I just thought I would send you a photo of Angus in his Jumbo Solvit dog car seat. I am thrilled with this purchase. Best wishes, Diana … [View Details]

eDog Fleece Dog Harness Reviews

You can read a full detailed review of the eDog fleece dog harness and/or  how our fleece dog harness works to stop your dog pulling Whether you are looking for the best dog harness for a Whippet,Collie,Cavapoo, CockapooLabrador,Malamute,Terrier,Pug,Chug,GSD,Staffy,King Charles Spaniel,Chihuahua,Chinese Crested,Pomeranian,Jack Russell,Beagel,Leonberger,Dachshund or Standard Poodle – our eDog fleece harness can be made to fit … [View Details]

eDog Personalised Dog Harness Reviews

Read our customers reviews of the eDog personalised dog harness – soft, comfortable fleece harnesses with personalised embroidery   Have received Bonnie’s new harness today. It looks and feels amazing. Sending picture of Bonnie wearing it. Just need the weather to improve now so we can show it off on our walks. Thank you Pat … [View Details]

Hi Vis Fleece Dog Harness Reviews

Read our customer reviews of our eDog hi vis fleece harnesses to keep your dog visible on dim days Being very small, Marvin’s Mum wanted him to be seen in the park when he was running around – the answer was a hi vis fleece harness Thank you so much for my dog harness and … [View Details]

Splashy Dog Water Repelling Dog Harness Reviews

If you are looking for the best water-repelling dog harness for your water-loving dog, read what our customer reviews say below: Scout in her brand new Splashy Dog harness Scout a little later – she thinks a mud bath should be part of every girl’s beauty routine ! Some photos of Jack in his new … [View Details]

Tartan Dog Harness by eDog Reviews

Read below our customers’ reviews of our Tartan dog harnesses – not just for Scotties and Westies ! A Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a small Scottish breed of dog in the terrier family. The breed has a very long body, short legs, and a distinctive “top-knot” of hair on the head   Hi Joanne, Here’s … [View Details]

Tiny Toy Breed And Puppy Dog Harness Reviews

Read our customers reviews for our Tiny Style fleece dog harnesses especially scaled for tiny/toy/miniature breed dogs and ideal puppy harnesses too We make these tiny dog harnesses with overall strap width of 2cm in tiny custom sizes to fit any little dog, and you can choose your fleece and webbing colours Millie and Maisie … [View Details]

Union Jack Dog Harness Reviews

Read our customers’ reviews of the eDog fleece Union Jack dog harness – a unique designer dog harness with all the comfort and design features of our regular eDog fleece harnesses Elvis is a British Bull Dog who has just been rescued – Judy wanted Elvis to have a comfy walking harness and quickly – … [View Details]